Platinum Alert: Madeintyo "Uber Everywhere"

We Platinum Baaaby!!

It is a great feeling to be apart of something and watch the world embrace it the same way that I did when I first met Madeintyo, back in February of 2016.

I remember it like it was yesterday, we had a meeting with the entire Private Club Records crew, Ant and Doug. Madeintyo had on an orange Veggies hoodie (Shout out to my good friend Anwar) and the sweet aroma of Cali kush laminated the room to set the tone of what was to follow.

Madeintyo dancing to the pre 2 Chainz remix of "I Want", 24hrs (Then Royce Rizzy) and Tyo jammin to "1 on 1" the hook had me "I can fuck her 1 on 1, I can fuck her 1 on 1.... Don't leave yo bitch with me" From that meeting I immediately was with The Private Club.

From then there was SXSW 2016 onto Radio promo tour through the mid south, NYC and BET Awards. This past year watching Tyo grow into a house hold name and a soon to be father (I didn't see that coming from the Houston's dinner... lol) has been an amazing thing to witness up close.

And now "Uber Everywhere" is Platinum, WOW what a difference a year makes!